Basics of Repairing a Computer

How possible is it for just anyone to repair their own computer without the necessity of seeking help from a specialist to carry out the computer repairs?

The good news is that this is very possible. You can do this simply and this article provides you with techniques which are easy to follow.

This will inform you exactly what you require to do and what knowledge you should have so as to repair your PC and have it running efficiently.

Common Computer Problems

As your computer system becomes older, many problems are encountered. However, this does not necessitate the purchase of a new computer. If you are familiar with these problems, however, this facilitates fixing them.

Freezing Up

  • Your computer regularly freezes up. This is a common occurrence in our computers when it becomes impossible to even move the cursor. Therefore, we might leave this computer for some time and hope it will revive and enable you to finish your task.
  • However, sometimes this does not work and you are forced to turn the power button off. This is not recommended, but it may be the only solution.
  • If the computer freezes up often, it might be possible that it is suffering from a kind of problem in maintenance. Sadly, over 80% of the people who own computers are not knowledgeable on how to efficiently look after them.

Blue Screens

  • You may be trying to work on something vital, then the computer just freezes up and worse still, the screen becomes completely blue. This might be an indicator that the computer has a short or it may have obtained a computer virus.
  • Many computers have a lifespan of 6 to 7 years. However, many people do not appreciate the importance of keeping the computer maintained. Rather than attempting to learn appropriate ways of keeping it running, they prefer to put in a lot of money to buy a new system. 
  • The truth is that you will encounter these problems again as your new computer grows older.

Unusual Sounds or Vibrations

  • These are very likely caused by hardware problems. This might indicate that your computer’s cooling fan is faulty. Something else you may require to check out if your system produces noises, is to make sure the power supply is properly connected.
  • It is surprising how many people do not realize that at times it is not connected correctly.

Computer Turns off by Itself

  • This computer complication is normally caused by hardware problems. Normally it may be the dying of the power supply or a cooling fan which is faulty.
  • The computer may attempt to cool itself by switching off automatically. Therefore, if you experience excess heat emanating from your computer, clean the fan and ensure it is operating efficiently.
  • If your fan is operating well, check the power supply. Loose cables may be normally the cause of this specific computer problem.

Vital Factors to Consider in Computer Repairs

  • The problems that are encountered in computers might be either simple or complicated. At times just poking around a bit or shaking might work. Other times, the problem might go beyond the knowledge of the user.
  • If this is the case, computer repair services might need to be called in. However, some problems might be so easy that they do not call for these services.
  • Sadly, most experts might not be eager to inform you that most problems might be easy to repair. After all, they do need to generate an income!
  • In order to be able rectify these problems yourself you should have the interest to learn about the basic components of your computer in order to repair the areas which pose trouble.
  • Today, there is a wide range of websites available which give helpful guidelines on issues related to repairs of computers. In addition, one does not need to own or buy costly and complicated repair tools for the computer, such as diagnostic software. These are tools meant for repair professionals as they assist them to quickly diagnose computer problems and solve them fast.
  • Also, many of these tools for repairs, particularly the ones which concern hardware problems, can possibly be found in your garage’s toolbox! Most software applications utilized for solving issues related to software can be downloaded simply from the internet for free.
  • You should have enough patience to get familiar with several basic principles as this may prove important sometimes. For example, when you carry out repairs on your computer on your own, this may actually save you a lot of money.
  • Even though you may regard these costs to be negligible, when the money people spend on fixing computers is accumulated, this is quite substantial. 
  • Actually, sometimes repair costs are based on hourly rates and this might make the price rise considerably. Therefore, when one is not able to tell the difference between simple and complicated problems, this might lead to incurring a lot of costs which are absolutely unnecessary.
  • You will discover that carrying out some computer repairs yourself may lead you to save a lot of time and money. Remember that many other people may also be seeking the services of computer repair at a certain time. This may lead to delay.

Steps to Assist You Repair Your Computer

The steps for repairing computers are similar, whether you are the one carrying out the repairs or it is a computer engineer carrying out the repairs. 

  • Click on the Start Menu. There is a visible button indicating ‘run’ found when hovering above the start menu. Click on ‘run’ button and a tiny window located at the bottom left of the screen pops up.
  • Type in ‘msconfig’ (without quotation marks) in the box inside the window.
  • There is a button called ‘disable all’ at the bottom of this window. Click on it.
  • Click on the ‘apply’ button which is below the button for ‘disable all.’
  • Exit from the window by clicking on the ‘X’. A different window comes up. Click on the option for ‘restart now.’

Now you know how to carry out a very simple technique for computer repair, which will solve many of your PC problems!