Recover Deleted Data Easily without the Aid of Software

Contrary to popular belief, if you accidentally deleted data, you are not required to purchase any particular software to recover it. You can recover deleted data all on your own. All you need is to follow very simple instructions. It is not difficult at all!

Software Is Costly

There are a lot of people who just opt to purchase software because they think that restoring a file all on their own is time consuming and thus that it would be a better option to spare a few bucks on a system that can get the job done for them. This is certainly very far from the truth; it just takes a few minutes. On the other hand, software can definitely take longer. It is definitely quite tedious dealing with systems most of the times because they take a long time to recover files. Not only this, but they are very costly. There are some programs that cost $100.00 and some even more to get the job done. Unless you are super rich, save your money and learn to recover deleted data all on your own with the following helpful tips.

Recovering a File with a Few Clicks

Let us pretend that you have deleted ‘photo.jpg’ from the folder titled ‘files,’ and now you want to recover it back. All you have to do in order to do this is right click on the folder and then select ‘restore to previous versions.’ If for some reason you do not see ‘restore to previous versions,’ go to control panel to turn on system protection. After doing so, go ahead and click on system protection. You will notice that every available drive is shown. Select a drive and then click on configure. After doing so, it is important that you ‘restore system settings’ and then click on ‘ok.’ This is all you have to do, as you will now notice that there is an option to recover that particular file. It might take a few tries for you to get the hang of this, but it is definitely worth it.

System Restore Can Come in Handy

If you click on the file ‘system tools,’ you will notice that there is another folder within titled ‘system restore.’ What this does is restore your computer to a previous date, which can come in handy if you deleted a very important file and need to recover it as soon as possible. If system restore was not active before you deleted a file, then this tip will not be useful at all. This is why it is extremely important for you to find out the 411 on your system restore folder. It is there to help you in cases such as this one; therefore, use it to your advantage.

Put Them to the Test!

Do not pay meaningful sums to recover deleted data. If you have accidentally deleted a file, go ahead and put the previously mentioned tips to the test so that you can recover it right away.